S4 Ep 14 – Season 4 Indian Artists Mashup

Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. During this episode we are highlighting guests from my homeland, India. First you will hear poetry titled Sea Link, My Place and The Kohinoor, Mughal Sequence, written and read by Anand Thakore about life and letting go. Next, you will hear an excerpt from the story Toddy Trails, written by yours truly, about the adventures of a baker who ran out of yeast and must find a replacement. Lastly, you will enjoy an excerpt from My Voice, written and read by Priya Subberwal, which tells of her learning about being adopted. All three are wonderful, don’t forget to tune in to the original episodes linked in the show notes.



[1:21] Anand Thakore shares about his writing and work.

[2:10] We hear the poems Sea Link, My Place and the Kohinoor written and read by Anand.

[8:40] Avinash Martin discusses his restaurant Cavatina and how he decided to focus the food on Goan cuisine.

[9:56] We hear an excerpt from the story Toddy Tails written by Reenita.

[16:17] Priya Subberwal shares about her book My Voice and how she found out she was adopted.

[17:05] We hear an excerpt from My Voice by Priya about her adoption.



  • Priya decided to write about her journey of finding out she was adopted as an adult as a way to find closure after her parents had passed away. Her story is fantastic for those who have been adopted or for people who are considering adoption.
  •  Anand feels that poetry really has to embrace the moment and be very short and brief and make its statement in a short space.


Fiction Credits:

Sea Link, My Place, and The Kohinoor, Mughal Sequence by Anand Thakore

Poetry written and read by Anand Thakore

Anand Thakore’s Facebook | Anand Thakore’s Website | Poetry International Website

Toddy Trails

Short story written by Reenita Hora inspired by Avinash Martin’s story

Chef Avinash Martins’ Instagram | Chef Avinash Martins’ Facebook


My Voice

Excerpt written and read by Priya Subberwal

Dishas Consulting Website | Priya Subberwal’s Instagram | Priya Subberwal’s Facebook

Priya Subberwal’s LinkedIn



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