In this “Online for Authors” podcast episode, hosted by Jennifer Palmer, Reenita Hora, author of “Operation Mom,” discusses her work in digital publishing and the creation of the “Shadow Realm” audio series. The conversation explores diverse topics, including weather differences and the emergence of “clifi” as a genre, tackling climate change through storytelling.

Reenita Hora shares her insights at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2016, presenting “Dastaan – Stories that Define the Spirit of South Asia.” Explore South Asia’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant narratives through captivating stories that celebrate its spirit and diversity.

In this episode of All Things Book Marketing, Reenita M. Hora offers perspective and actionable advice on the topic of diversity in publishing for both authors and industry professionals. Tune in or watch for insights and expert advice!
In this video, I have interviewed Reenita Malhotra Hora, who has founded and grown businesses, worked as a marketing leader, and done a lot of writing. Her YA fiction “Operation Mom: My Plan to Get My Mom a Life…and a Man” is a fun, heart-warming tale of a teenaged Mumbai girl seeking a fit mate for her mother and the spark she believes her mother has lost over the years.

People often wonder what it takes to change history. Memorable Decisions? Decisive action?

The call to ‘take action’ is the mantra of the current day. But the British monarchy might argue against this.

“Doing nothing is often the best course of action but history was not made by those who did nothing,” says Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix show, The Crown, Season 2.

As India’s covid19 situation becomes dire, the #1 identified need right now is oxygen. All news reports talk about the severe lack of oxygen, and though the US government has chipped in to help, supplies are still very limited.
As India continues to deal with its covid crisis, all fingers are increasingly pointed at Prime Minister Modi and his BJP government. But India is a complicated country with a complicated political situation, is the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) truly responsible?
When you Think Asia, do you think Hong Kong? And when you think Hong Kong, do you think design and creativity? This is a broadcast featuring my interview with Bonnie Chan Woo of the Icicle Group on Money for Nothing on RTHK Radio 3.
Ayurveda translates from Sanskrit as the Science of Life. But what really is the Science of Life? Reenita explains how unbeknownst to many, Ayurveda does not equal beauty care. And although Ayurveda means ‘natural,’ everything natural does not necessarily translate to Ayurvedic medicine.
Gayatri Yadav of Sequoia Capital, India has been a dear friend for many years. Right from the time she was a young girl, she had a very clear sense of purpose. She wanted to put herself out there, on the frontlines of the business world, to make an impact.
Every year, March is designated as Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day which falls during this time is a moment to celebrate the contributions of women across the entire spectrum of work, career, family and global impact.

Reenita Malhotra Hora is a multifaceted media professional known for her work as a presenter, journalist, author, and corporate communications expert. She has hosted shows on Bloomberg TV and RTHK Radio 3, written books on wellness and Ayurveda, and held senior roles in corporate communications. Her career highlights her versatility in financial reporting, cultural storytelling, and brand strategy. Reenita’s contributions span across traditional and digital media, reflecting her diverse skills and passion for storytelling and wellness.

Reenita Malhotra Hora interviews Kunal Basu, author of ‘The Japanese Wife,’ at the Asia Society in Hong Kong on October 7th, 2012. This event was part a series moderated by Reenita at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival. Reenita presents ‘Asian Threads’ a storytelling program on RTHK Radio 3.