School Visits

"When I visit schools, I come with the promise of an entire day dedicated to their students. Picture this: a combination of highly interactive, large group assemblies followed by classroom visits or hands-on writing workshops. By the time I wrap up these sessions, students will be armed with specific writing and revision strategies they can put to use immediately. While I'm there, I'm more than happy to autograph books, whether they're brand new copies or beloved classroom editions."

Author Visit Packet

Here are some forms and information to help you plan for my visit to your school. If you schedule me for a visit, you will receive a full Author Visit Packet stuffed with great teaching ideas and items to post on bulletin boards.

Classroom Visits

These small group sessions of up to 2 classes at a time give students and teachers a chance to ask me questions in an intimate setting. I’m happy to answer any question they throw my way. I also show supplementary materials (i.e. book dummies, special research, a revision game, etc.) depending on the direction of the discussion.


My lively, highly interactive assemblies are accessible to students in Grade 8 upwards, motivating them to read, write, revise and share. I use music, audio, props, and slides to engage students in developing story ideas in their seats as well as on stage. My award-winning books featuring themes of comedy, family, high school life, fantasy, diversity in action, and Indian mythology and culture, resonate with young adult audiences.

I begin by having all kids throw out themes that have shaped their middle and high school experiences. Next, using Operation Mom or Shadow Realm as an example, I show how a story ideas are developed, beginning with a technique for how to find ideas, then teach strategies for creating and revising a first draft. I emphasize the importance of persistence when learning a new skill or following a dream.

I also demonstrate how to apply Common Core standards related to research in the “real” world of professional writing in language arts, social studies, science and the arts. This practical information on the writing process can be applied directly in the classroom by teachers and students. These assemblies are educational, entertaining, motivating and memorable.

Sample Schedule

Middle School assembly (45 minutes)

High School Assembly (60 minutes)

And your choice of one option below:

  • 4 Classroom visits (30 minutes each)
  • 2 Writing workshops (60 minutes each)
  • 2 Classroom visits and 1 Writing Workshop

Writing Workshops for Students

Research is the Writer’s Edge: Finding Evidence, Finding Stories

Where do ideas come from? All stories – fiction and non-fiction – come from observation and research. Using primary sources, photographs and works of art, students will apply observational, analysis and writing skills in hands-on exercises as they learn strategies for generating core content or themes for their narrative/literary and informational works.


Doing Layered Revisions with Students: Strategies from the Field

Revision is the key to clear writing. But how can teachers manage this process successfully with students? This workshop gives teachers hands-on experiences with a layered approach to revision used by published children’s authors.

I’d love to connect with the right faculty at your school to plan for a visit in the next school year. I believe it could be a fantastic opportunity for your students, and I’m eager to explore the potential further.