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Reenita is a founder, executive-level content, operations, & marketing leader, and prolific writer. With multiple years of experience in media, entertainment, communications, tech/innovation and wellness industries in the USA and Asia, she grows organizations, ranging from early stage startups through mid-size businesses, through storytelling, creative marketing and business strategy. She has served as Head of Marketing at SRI International, Silicon Valley's pioneer science and deep tech research institute, VP of Content at hibooks/Otto Radio producer/presenter for Bloomberg and award-winning host for RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong. Reenita founded, built and sold Ayoma, a health and wellness brand, and has written seven books - five non-fiction and two fiction. She has contributed to The Hindu, South China Morning Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Asian Investor, Times of India and National Geographic Kids, Cartoon Network Asia, Disney and more. She is a limited partner in the How Women Invest fund which specifically invests in women owned companies. She is working on her next novel and has recently launched Chapter by episode, a digital publishing platform for immersive chat fiction stories with diverse themes.
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Releasing on July 15th

Vermilion Harvest

Playtime at the Bagh

In a politically tense Amritsar in 1919, an Anglo-Indian schoolteacher and a feisty Muslim stu-dent activist fall in love, but find that courting openly is easier said than done — not only are they from different communities but his political activism comes at the cost of their romance. Against the deadline of a ticking time-bomb, the schoolteacher must find her lover to warn him about General Dyer’s impending attack on Jallianwallah Bagh. But will she succeed in getting to the venue on time? ‘Playtime at the Bagh’ during Baisakhi is a metaphor for General Dyer’s game of bullets in Jallianwallah Bagh on April 13th 1919.


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NSFW Meet The Author: Reenita Hora - EP624

Featured Podcast > The True Fiction Project

S4 Ep 8 – Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project.

What would it be like to experience a 26 mile dinner party? Today, on the True Fiction Project, I am joined by author and screenwriter, Daniel Finkel. Daniel shares with us his story Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity, how it came about, and the adventure he has taken to write this story and get it out to the public. He talks about other screenplays he has written and what his next steps are for this adventurous story. Daniel discusses what it was like growing up in L.A. and Hollywood and how his experience may have differed from others. At the end of the show, we hear a chapter titled The Dinner Party from Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity where the characters explore through a 26 mile long underground dinner party. Tune in to hear more of this insane story!

S4 Ep 8 - Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity
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