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About the True Fiction Project

The True Fiction Project is an unscripted-to-scripted podcast series that explores the journey of a story from non-fiction to fiction. It showcases the art of audio storytelling to explore how scripted fiction is inspired by our daily life, and it explores how audio storytelling can spark interesting IP that can be further developed for other media. Join our host Reenita Hora, as she conducts audio interviews with guests from all walks of life that have interesting stories. A fiction writer then listens to the interview, defines a main character inspired by it, and creates a piece of short audio fiction based on it. The episode pieces together the interview (non-fiction), the audio story + the print version (both fiction). 

More about your host:

Reenita is a Mumbai-born writer-producer, digital fiction entrepreneur, and on-air personality.
In addition to being an Ayurveda clinician, author & entrepreneur, she was head of Marketing & Communications at SRI International, Silicon Valley's pioneer science and deep tech research institute, script supervisor at Cartoon Network Asia and Disney, VP of Content at Otto Radio and award-winning radio anchor/ producer at Bloomberg and public radio (BBC and RTHK Radio 3). She has produced content for a range of media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, South China Morning Post, Times of India, National Geographic Kids, and Cartoon Network. Reenita founded, built and sold Ayoma, an Ayurvedic health and wellness brand. Reenita is also the creator of Shadow Realm (Part 1 of The Arya Chronicles) a YA fantasy narrative fiction podcast and Chapter by episode, a genre fiction app. make sure you follow our podcast if you have not already.
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