S4 Ep 13 – Fantasy Authors of Season 4 Mashup

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Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. During this special episode, we are mashing up two fantasy fiction author interviews and true fiction pieces from season 4! These episodes include Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity and New Rock, New Role. Both stories have unique plots and are sure to make you laugh! Tune in today to hear interview snippets and full story stories from each episode! Find the link to the full episode in the notes below.


  • [1:37]  Interview snippet of Daniel Finkel discussing his life on the other side of Hollywood.
  • [3:04] Short story Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity by Daniel Finkel. 
  • [13:34] Interview snippet of Richard Sparks discussing how he entered into fantasy writing. 
  • [15:42] Short story New Rock, New Role by Richard Sparks.


  • [2:28] Sometimes your fun projects that seem crazy can actually turn into something big! 
  • [16:30] You never know what will change your life, one second you could walk out on a stage and be unknown, and the next you could be a star walking off the stage.


Fiction Credits:

Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity

A short story written and read by: Daniel Finkel

Daniel Finkel’s Personal Facebook Page | Daniel Finkel’s Instagram | Trailer for the Audiobook 

New Rock, New Role

A short story written and read by: Richard Sparks

Richard Spark’s Website | Richard Spark’s Facebook | Richard Spark’s Instagram | Buy New Rock New Role Fantasy Novel Today!


Season 4 – Episode 8: Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity

Season 4 – Episode 5: New Rock, New Role