S4 Ep 10 – Wondrous Experiences

After experiencing a tragic bicycle accident, Mark Berridge spent a year getting his health back. He then decided to write a story to inspire others to keep pushing a little bit further, because they are stronger than they think. This week on the True Fiction Project, Mark Berridge joins Reenita to talk about his accident, and what led him to write his nonfiction book, A Fraction Stronger. Mark discusses future work that he hopes to accomplish, shifting from a nonfiction author to a fiction author, and hopefully one day to playwriting. We then hear an excerpt from the short story, Wondrous Experiences, where a man takes a trip and allows himself to experience it from a new perspective, seeing how the world is truly vibrant and full of possibility.



  • [2:20] Mark talks about winning an award for his nonfiction book.
  • [3:26] What is A Fraction Stronger about?
  • [5:13] Mark discusses his physical therapist that was instrumental in his journey to be able to walk again
  • [9:03] Does Mark hope to write more books?
  • [15:57] Mark shares where people can learn more about him.
  • [17:32] Mark shares an excerpt from the short story, Wondrous Experiences.



  • [4:43] We are all a fraction stronger than we realize, and if we find that inner strength and channel it and embrace the support around us, then we can achieve almost anything.
  • [14:58] In a world where we are so interconnected in a way because of technology, there’s still nothing quite like going somewhere and really making connections and finding your tribe, or finding something that changes your life.
  • [24:26] If you immerse yourself in the world’s range of potential experiences, you can feel truly alive.


Fiction Credits:

Story written by: Mark Berridge

Story narrated by: Mark Berridge



Mark Berridge has broad experience in negotiation, marketing, strategy and transformation. His most prominent corporate role was the Chief Negotiator for Rio Tinto Iron Ore from 2012 to 2015 where he led the pricing strategy for revenue worth USD20 billion.

Mark always enjoyed finding high value in complex situations. In March 2019 he became his own subject matter when a bicycle crash changed his life forever. Mark fractured 2 vertebrae and heard the devastating words spinal cord injury. He spent 7 weeks in hospital and 9 months in full time rehabilitation regaining the ability to walk. He will strive to maintain and improve his mobility all his remaining life.

Mark now writes and speaks about the impacts of disruption and how we can fight our way forward from almost any situation. His inspirational award-winning book A Fraction Stronger was released in the USA September 2022.


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