S4 Ep 9 – Masala Movie

S4 Ep 9 - Masala Movie

Learning about her adoption at age 21 was quite impactful for Priya Subberwal, along with the lack of conversation that her adoptive parents had with her afterwards regarding her biological family. Today, I am honored to have Priya join the True Fiction Project, she is a long time friend of mine, and is a wonderful storyteller. We start the episode discussing her business, Disha Limited, where she helps people set their homes up for the best energy through Feng Shui work. She talks about how to utilize the evergreen elements of Feng Shui as well as what to prioritize for 2024. We then get to hear the story of how Priya found out she was adopted, and what that was like to find out as an adult. Priya reads an excerpt from her story, Masala Movie, in the book, My Voice about what she uncovered through the process of trying to find her biological parents and how she brought closure to herself.



  • [2:30] Priya explains what her business, Disha Limited, is.
  • [5:10] How does it work if your home has bad energy?
  • [6:10] What does Priya mean about good Feng Shui in Hong Kong and San Francisco?
  • [7:50] How does Priya work with people who are on more flat land who don’t have natural Feng Shui?
  • [8:37] How does Feng Shui change across the years?
  • [9:10] What does the year of the wood dragon mean for Feng Shui?
  • [10:52] Priya describes her short story, Masala Movie, in the book, My Voice.
  • [20:05] Priya shares an excerpt from her story, Masala Movie, in the book, My Voice, when she learned about her adoption.



  • [6:13] Feng Shui is all about the wind and water, mountains play a very important role because they work as the antennas, it’s where the energy is stacked from the planets and then through wind it comes down and settles at the base of the water.
  • [9:37] For 2024, the year of the dragon, the best ways to benefit from Feng Shui are to utilize the Southwest of your home and the East. The Southwest is for happiness, advancement, promotion, and happy events. The East is for networking, finding leads, any kind of business work that is done in the home.
  • [18:47] Priya decided to write about her journey of finding out she was adopted as an adult as a way to find closure after her parents had passed away. Her story is fantastic for those who have been adopted or for people who are considering adoption.


Fiction Credits:

Story written by: Priya Subberwal

Story narrated by: Priya Subberwal



Priya Subberwal is a qualified Classical Feng Shui practitioner. A trained interior designer, her interest in Chinese Metaphysics was sparked by a chance look through at a coffee table book on the subject in 2000. After extensive reading on the subject, she formally started studying in 2007 and applying it to her daily life. Friends and family too gained from her knowledge and fascination. Priya aims to bring focus and stability to the lives of others. In 2016 she formed the company ‘Disha’ which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Dishadhara’ meaning direction – something that she strives to give her clients.

Priya is a yoga enthusiast and an avid reader. She lives in Hong Kong with her banker husband and a dog. She is a mother of two adult daughters, who love giving her unsolicited fashion and make-up advice. Interestingly, she previously co-owned a cricket team “Kowloon Cantons” in Hong Kong and has co- authored an Amazon bestseller novel #my voice -A collective memoir by women of substance.


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