S4 Ep 8 – Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity

S4 Ep 8 - Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity

What would it be like to experience a 26 mile dinner party? Today, on the True Fiction Project, I am joined by author and screenwriter, Daniel Finkel. Daniel shares with us his story Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity, how it came about, and the adventure he has taken to write this story and get it out to the public. He talks about other screenplays he has written and what his next steps are for this adventurous story. Daniel discusses what it was like growing up in L.A. and Hollywood and how his experience may have differed from others. At the end of the show, we hear a chapter titled The Dinner Party from Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity where the characters explore through a 26 mile long underground dinner party. Tune in to hear more of this insane story!



  • [1:55] Daniel tells us about himself and how he is a Hollywood guy in the most non Hollywood of ways.
  • [3:39] What is Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity and how did it come about?
  • [6:07] Why didn’t the screenplay end up being made into a movie as planned?
  • [7:50] What screenplay did Daniel write that was made into a movie?
  • [8:50] What is the true life inspiration to Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity?
  • [12:38] What is the book wrap tour?
  • [14:39] What are the next steps for the story?
  • [16:28] Where can listeners find out more about Daniel’s work and events?
  • [17:24] Daniel explains what his favorite part of the book is.
  • [19:45] We hear a chapter titled The Dinner Party from Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity by Daniel Finkel about navigating a 26 mile underground dinner party.



  • [9:03] Changing one thing about yourself can change the perception that others have of you.
  • [15:39] Never stop dreaming, your dreams can come true!
  • [19:50] If you ever get a chance to go for a 26.2188 mile dinner party, you are in for quite an adventure! Grab Mr. Taffles Pants of Insanity to see what I mean!


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Fiction Credits:

Story written by: Daniel Finkel

Story narrated by: Daniel Finkel



I moved to LA to work in the entertainment industry, where I learned I didn’t want to work in the entertainment industry. But I got to read screenplays by writers with big agents that were horrible. So I started to write my own screenplays that were also horrible. And it worked! I started to option and sell them… eventually selling the biggest piece of crap I ever wrote to MGM. But then my brain literally went on strike. I was supposed to write this script with a big time commercial producer and I literally couldn’t think of anything. My brain forced me to write only ideas that I was passionate about. So I co-wrote and directed my first feature film Everything Will Happen Before You Die. The cast was amazing and I got to direct major league talent like Academy Award Nominee John Hawkes and Marc Boone Junior (Sons of Anarchy). It was a dream come true.

However, there’s a big missing part of this story… MUSIC. It all started when my roommate asked me to be his vocal sidekick in this rave rock psychedelic lounge funk band called The Serotonins. The idea was I would be a cow and he would be the farmer. Well, he never dressed as a farmer, thus The Mad Cow was born. I became a bit of a counter-culture hero in the Burningman scene and played to packed clubs for years.

And TODAY… I’m beyond excited to have published my award winning debut comedy/satire/sci-fi novel MR. TAFFLE’S PANTS OF INSANITY. It’s an incredible feeling to have written my first book but even more of an incredible feeling to know that I’ll be writing them for the rest of my life. And now we just released the audiobook which I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out. Oh and yes… the MUSIC. A couple of pals and I wrote an EP of songs based on the novel. I will be performing this at bookstores and weird stages all over North America (to start.)

Daniel Finkel’s Personal Facebook Page

Daniel Finkel’s Instagram

Trailer for the Audiobook 

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