S4 Ep 3 – Relationship With a View

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project Podcast. Today I am joined by writer, podcaster and CEO of Tulla Productions, Nicole Christie. Nicole is a fabulous storyteller and helps others both in the corporate world and entrepreneurs to master their storytelling skills. She talks about her podcast, Here for Me, which highlights badassery stories from people who have gone through difficult situations and persevered to the other side. Nicole discusses why storytelling is so important, and then walks us through the premise of Relationship with a View. She then reads her short story, Relationship with a View, about a woman who meets a man in the elevator of her apartment complex and they hit it off right away but their relationship takes a sudden turn. Tune in to hear more of her story!


[2:41] Nicole shares about her podcast all about choosing yourself, and what that means.

[4:14] What is Tulla Productions and how does she help brands?

[7:19] What does storytelling look like for a notable person that hires Tulla Productions?

[9:20] Why is storytelling so important?

[11:06] Nicole shares the premise of Relationship with a View.

[21:20] A short story, Relationship with a View by Nicole Christie.


Social media highlights all the good things happening in people’s lives, but misses an opportunity for genuine connection.

Storytelling is what lights up the threads of continuity between humans. The more that our stories are raw, candid and vulnerable, the more genuinely connect with each other.

Many people go through hard moments, but they are able to come out on the other side with healing and a fresh outlook. Nicole’s podcast showcases guests from all walks of life that share their story.

Fiction Credits:

Excerpt written by: Nicole Christie

Excerpt narrated by: Nicole Christie


Nicole is a writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She’s the founder and CEO of Tulla Productions—a storytelling studio that connects leading brands and notable people with their audience through human-centered audio, visual, and print stories—and the creator and host of Here For Me, a podcast about the power of choosing yourself. She has been a storyteller since she could string words together and it’s her passion to bring tales of courage, impact, and utter badassery to life!

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