Season 3 – Public Speaker and Comedians Mashup

Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. During this episode, we are mashing up the public speaker and comedian interviews and true fiction pieces from season 3! These episodes include: How to Human 101, Brought Together by Bagels, and Faking the Grade. Each interview and story has something unique to share, ranging from an alien learning to read human body language and facial expressions to an unlikely set of neighbors who bond over bagel preferences, to a doctor turned comedian who fakes his graduation. Tune in today to hear interview snippets and full story stories from each episode! Find the link to the full episode in the notes below.


  • [00:47] Interview snippet of Brian Galke discussing how to read human faces and creating a valuable connection with someone else. 
  • [1:49] Short story, How to Human 101 by Parker James
  • [6:55] Interview with Gastor Almonte where he talks about living in America while being a child of an immigrant and not meeting their expectations. 
  • [8:28] Short story, Brought Together by Bagels by Gastor Almonte 
  • [16:01] Interview with Shenuque Tissera about chasing his dreams despite what his parents might think. 
  • [17:56] Short story, Faking the Grade by Michael Kobzik.


  • Face reading is all about letting people feel seen and heard. If you attempt to speak someone’s language, you will be treated differently and build better relationships. 
  • Immigrant stories are the best American stories because their world view was different, the things they had to go after were different. Many of the kids of immigrants are artists, and the work that they put in first drove the direction of their families in America.
  • Follow your heart. Shenuque knew that he wasn’t destined for the graduate school path. Once he followed his heart he was able to find a career that he absolutely loves and is wildly successful at. 

How to Human 101

A short story written and read by: Parker James

Parker Hicks LinkedIn | Parker Hicks Twitter 

Brought Together by Bagels

Short story written by Gastor Almonte, Read by Kristen Udowitz

Gastor Almonte’s Website | The War Report Podcast | Gastor Almonte’s Facebook

Gastor Almonte Twitter | Gastor Almonte Instagram | Story Collider Website

Faking the Grade

Short story written and read by: Michael Kobzik

Shenuque Tissera Website | The Twenty Sided Podcast | Shenuque Tissera’s Twitter 

Shenuque Tissera’s Instagram | Shenuque Tissera’s TikTok 


S3 EP2 How to Human 101

S3 EP9 Brought Together By Bagels

S3 EP12 Faking the Grade

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