S3 Ep 11 – The Unbroken Horizon Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project Podcast! This week is part 2 from our last episode. During this episode, Jenny Brav discusses her relationship with her father and how she incorporated those experiences in her new book. She talks about finding a “dad box” which held information about her father she never knew since he passed away when she was a child. Jenny talks about the connection with her dad box and her character Sarah’s dad box. She goes on to discuss what she found in the dad box and how she is carrying out his dream of writing, by releasing her book, The Unbroken Horizon, on the anniversary of his death. Tune in to hear an excerpt from The Unbroken Horizon when Sarah discovers her dad box and reveals astonishing information and a possible tie to Auschwitz? 


[2:31] What is a “dad box” and how did finding her dad box tie into her character Sarah finding her dad box?

[6:56] Did finding the dad box lead Jenny to delve into the family lineage on Ancestry.com? 

[11:31] Did Jenny move to the bay area because of her father’s life in San Francisco?

[13:51] Jenny shares the details of when her book release and the special reason she chose to release the book on August 15.

[15:37] Jenny reads an excerpt from her book, The Unbroken Horizon. 


Getting insight into family after you’ve lost them can heal many wounds. Being able to find connections between your life, utilize tools like Ancestry.com can help you piece together your loved ones history and make connections to extended family. 

The Unbroken Horizon, a novel by Jenny Brav is set to be released on the anniversary of her father’s death. This is to pay tribute to him and the fact that his dream of being a writer never came to fruition. She is bringing her fathers dream to life. 

Fiction Credits:
Excerpt written by: Jenny Brav
Excerpt narrated by: Jenny Brav

Jenny Brav was born and raised in Paris, France, to American parents who instilled in her a love of words, a sensitivity to the human condition, and a passion for travel. She did humanitarian work in Asia and the Middle East before settling in Oakland, California, where she practices holistic healing. In her spare time, she writes poetry, dabbles in vegan cooking, chases waterfalls, and caters to her calico cat’s whims. 
The Unbroken Horizon, winner of a First Place CIBA award in late historical fiction, is her first novel. It brings together the themes that are close to her heart, especially how we find wholeness within our wounding. [One of her main character’s journey to heal from her father’s sudden death in her childhood, and her exploration to learn more about that lineage, closely mirror Jenny’s own experiences.]
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