S3 Ep 7 – Solace in Our Roots

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project Podcast! On today’s episode, I am joined by Bobby Singh Bansal. He is a British born historian, author, documentary filmmaker who has a focus on the history of the Sikh community and their relations over the generations with the British. Bobby is so passionate about carrying on the traditions and culture of the Punjab, as the history is a mystery for many. Bobby discusses his book, The Punjab Chiefs, and shares a story that stood out the most to him during his research. At the end of the episode, we hear a short story titled Solace in Our Roots, written by Trent Davis and narrated by Kristen Udowitz. In this story we follow a young British born Sikh girl who is lost and confused about her Sikh heritage until a friendly stranger decides to educate her about the Sikh culture and religion.  


[2:23] What does Bobby Singh Bansal’s work focus on?

[4:20] What happened in 1984 in India?

[6:35] What is the book Punjab Chiefs about?

[13:30] Bobby Bansal shares one story that stood out to him during his Punjab research.

[20:30] Why was the Maharaja Ranjit Singh so powerful? Why couldn’t the British penetrate it?

[24:37] What is the difference between religious and political groups working together vs. apart?

[27:34] A short story, Solace in Our Roots, written by Trent Davis and voiced by Kristen Udowtiz


In 1984 in India, a radical group of Sikhs entered the Golden Temple and took shelter there. The Indian government sent in an army and completely destroyed the temple while killing many people across a span of 3-4 days. 

The Maharaja were incredibly generous and kind. They gave out incredible relics and gifts and were so welcoming to all. 

So much history from the Punjab has been lost along the way, where many people don’t realize their heritage or culture. There is so much to learn there. Bobby Singh Bansal’s book illustrates pictures and stories of many families in order to carry on their legacy. 

Fiction Credits:
Short story written by: Trent Davis
Short story narrated by: Kristen Udowitz 

Bobby Singh Bansal is a British-born Sikh historian, writer and filmmaker.
His interest in Sikh Heritage and Culture has allowed him to interact with the Sikh diaspora all over the world. He has attended major International Sikh and Indian conferences and has given numerous lectures on the theme of Sikh Heritage and History. A passionate advocate of promoting Sikh Heritage and Culture on a global scale, especially in Pakistan, in 2003 he became President of the Sarkar Khalsa Foundation, and has worked on the restoration of the tomb of Maharaja Sher Singh in Lahore.
Abstract: An important facet of Sikh history is the presence of several monuments and other architectural structures in the parts of Punjab that are in modern-day Pakistan. The SK Foundation has been working to create awareness about the need for the preservation of these structures. This presentation deals with one such initiative that aims to enhance the Sikh legacy in the area.
The Punjab Chiefs by Bobby Singh Bansal

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