S3 EP 5 – What She Learned From the Flowers

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project Podcast! Today I have the author of Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics, Beth Bell on the show. Beth discusses the shift in her life from working in corporate pharmaceuticals to uncovering her soul’s desires with the use of Earth Angels and psychedelics. She talks to us about her experience becoming a flower whisperer and how we can quiet down to hear what our soul is telling us. Logan Rose then shares her beautiful story about a woman who reconnects to the earth, awakening her spiritual journey and finding her life’s purpose, titled, What She Learned From The Flowers. Tune in today to learn more about angels, herpes, and psychedelics. 


[2:15] What is Beth’s book, Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics, about? 

[3:38] What does Beth mean by a virus of the mind when it comes to herpes?

[5:00] Is Beth saying that belief systems need to be unwound using psychedelics?

[6:08] What is an example of a limiting belief pattern that was helped using angels and psychedelics?

[7:40] What is the difference between working hard and working with intention? 

[08:50] What have Beth’s clients or the people she has interviewed experienced through psychedelics and angels?

[12:08] How did the idea of becoming a flower whisperer come into Beth’s life?

[13:50] What can we learn from flowers and how can we use them to get into an energy or vibration?

[16:09] How did Beth get her start into this work field?

[18:11] Are psychedelics really shifting from what we knew in the 60s and 70s?

[22:00]: A short story, What She Learned From The Flowers by Logan Rose.


Identify who is driving your life. Is it your ego or your soul? Psychedelics and unheard messages are things that can help you identify what is driving your life and decide if that’s really the journey you are supposed to be on. 

When you get quiet you can start to listen to what it is your soul is telling you. For our guest, one way to do that was getting up close with flowers and mother nature.

There are a wide variety of modalities to connect with your soul. Angels and psychedelics are just two of the ways. 

Fiction Credits:
Short story written and read by: Logan Rose
Her soul’s journey has taken her around the world to live, starting with humble beginnings in North Dakota, to California, New York City, Singapore, India, Bali, and now back in California. 
She spent 15-plus years in strategic brand management in the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming an entrepreneur and developing inspirational products, including a silver jewelry line for both eCommerce and a retail shop in Bali. 
She currently produces and co-hosts the Psychedelic Sages podcast and is an advisor to CEOs and psychedelic pharmaceutical companies. Her new book, Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics, shares her journey of awakening and provides a spiritual toolbox others can learn from.
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