S3 Ep 2 – How to Human 101

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project Podcast! I was intrigued to speak with face reader and introverted extrovert, Brian Galke. Brian brings us along his journey from working behind the scenes in the helpdesk field to how he became a public speaker. He has perfected the art of reading faces, which has propelled him forward through connection and successful personal and business relationships. He discusses the facial features to look for when talking with someone to uncover the best way to interact with them. At the end of the episode, enjoy the short story, How to Human 101, by Parker James, where we follow an alien in a human body trying to learn the art of face reading.  


[1:35] What is an introverted/extrovert?  

[2:55] Where and how did Brian pick up face-reading skills? 

[4:45] How did Brian move from the helpdesk to a public speaker? 

[7:29] How can Brian read someone’s eyebrows when they change them (pluck, tattoo, etc.)?  

[9:13] Does the ability to read faces propel you forward in the potential of working successfully with someone? 

[10:56] What happens when facial features change?  

[14:20] Brian shows his experience working with people via face reading. 

[17:30] How do we focus on the next person when so many of us only want to focus on ourselves?  

[19:16] How is Brian teaching the millennial generation, who don’t generally communicate face-to-face, to be comfortable in face-to-face situations?  

[24:02] The short story, How to Human 101, Written and Read by Parker James 


Your face is constantly evolving. The left side is the personal side of your face; the right side is your external or professional side. As things in your life change, your facial features can naturally change. 

Face reading is all about letting people feel seen and heard. If you attempt to speak someone’s language, you will be treated differently and build better relationships.   

Fiction Credits: 
Short story written and read by: Parker James 

As an Introverted/Extrovert, Brian purposely chose professions where people came to him for help (Retail, Hospitality, & Help Desk) to help ease his social anxiety. 
Over the course of his career, he realized he loved to learn new tips and tricks to better interact with people, and he always sought out the knowledge. With every new social skill, another promotion soon followed. He was onto something…maybe success starts with good communication skills. 
The #1 skill that changed his Personal & Professional life forever was learning Facial Feature Analysis. That skill alone led to Brian’s growth from working the help desk to Regional Vice President of Sales, not too bad for someone who still considers himself to be a bit of an Introvert. 
Wanting to help people achieve that same level of success, Brian created Subtle Skills (subtleskills.com) and began speaking/teaching Facial Analysis around the world. 
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Books mentioned in the episode: 
What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People by Joe Navarro 
You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want!, the 7-day Plan by Janine Driver 

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