Season 2 Fan-Favorite Episodes Mashup

Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. During this episode, we are mashing up the top three fan-favorite interviews and true fiction pieces from Season 2! The top three episodes were: Ro’s Journey of Love, Price of Magic, and Cut from the Same Cloth. Listen to a wide range of topics, from Julia Karol becoming a single mom in her 40s with the use of a sperm bank to Barbara Majeski’s life being turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis. Finish up with Chrysta Bilton learning her boyfriend was actually her half-brother! Tune in for these great interviews snippets and fiction pieces and listen to the full episodes linked in the show notes.    


[00:48] Number 3: Julia Karol’s journey of heartbreak, healing, love, and her decision to become a single mom in her 40s. 

[3:12] Ro’s Journey of Love by Priya Sharma Shaikh. 

[12:43] Number 2: Barbara Majeski joins to talk about how she improved her life and started chasing her dreams amidst life challenges. 

[15:15] Price of Magic by Gary Krivtsov.

[23:34] Number 1: Chrysta Bilton’s story about her new memoir and the discovery of her 35 siblings. 

[26:25] Cut from the Same Cloth by Michael Kobzik.


Do the things that you want in life, get into the arena and try and fail. It can end at any moment, so chase those dreams and desires! We only have one life, so don’t waste it being fearful of what you genuinely want to do in life.

Just because you haven’t found love yet doesn’t mean you have to hold off on your dream of becoming a parent. With so many options available now, you can make your dreams come true as a single person. 

Ancestry tests that are now available open up a whole new option of finding out if those conceived through sperm donations are related. Information kept anonymous in the 70s and 80s is now readily available.

Fiction Credits:
Ro’s Journey of Love
A short story written and narrated by: Priya Sharma Shaikh – Twitter: @piyushaikh Linkedin:
Price of Magic
A short story written and narrated by: Gary Krivtsov
Cut from the Same Cloth
A short story written by: Michael Kobzik
A short story narrated by: Regina Williams –

S2 Ep3 Ro’s Journey of Love Full Episode 
S2 Ep 1 The Price of Magic Full Episode
S2 Ep 2 Cut from the Same Cloth Full Episode

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