Season 1 Fan-Favorite Episodes Mashup

Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. During this episode, we are mashing up the top three fan-favorite interviews and true fiction pieces from season 1! Our top three episodes were: ENCORE – Wise Guy Charming, The Queen of Teacups, and Janet Blue. Each interview and story has something unique to share, ranging from a tale of Prince Charming to a family memento that helped overcome fear. Tune in today to hear interview snippets and full story stories from each episode, and find the link to the full episode in the notes below! 

[00:52] Number 3: Ethan Herschenfeld’s unlikely casted character 

[04:15] Wise Guy Charming by Parker James 

[10:56] Number 2: Queen of teacups – Lissi Kaplan 

[15:16] The Queen of Teacups by Michael Colucci 

[25:40] Number 1: Heather Vickery – Success and Leadership Coach 

[28:18] Janet Blue by Michael Kobzik  


Fear is here for us. It either owns us or empowers us, and we gain power when we’re honest about our fear, surrender to it, and learn from it. Don’t fear fear…instead, get curious about the message it is trying to communicate.   

Teacups have a rich history of being used as offerings and sacred vessels. They have been passed down from generation to generation as gifts in families.  

TV roles are often chosen based on how viewers would imagine the character to look, so actors don’t always get to play the part they want. This sometimes creates limitations for actors because if they look a certain way, they will only be cast for a specific role throughout their career.  

Fiction Credits: 
Wiseguy Charming 
Short story written and read by: Parker James – Twitter : parkerjwrites Linkedin: 
Queen of Teacups 
Short story narrated by: Amy Scanlon- Twitter: @scanners19 IG: @ScanlonSounds 
Short story written by: Michael Colucci 
Janet Blue 
Short story narrated by: Regina Williams – 
Short story written by: Michael Kobzik 
S1 Ep 14 Janet Blue Full Episode   
S1 Ep 13 Queen of Teacups Full Episode 
S1 Ep 12 Encore Wiseguy Charming Full Episode  

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