S2 Ep 13 – The Night That Dancing Saved My Life – Anand Bhatt

Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. I had the pleasure of speaking with Anand Bhatt. He is a musician, cooking show host of Rock Star Recipes, and quite the storyteller! Anand shares how he got started in the music industry, what Latindian music is, and how all of that evolved into a cooking show. Then he dives into some fascinating stories of the dangers he has come across in his life. Tune in to hear his story, The Night That Dancing Saved My Life, detailing when he visited Columbia and decided to go to an old cartel house. You don’t want to miss this outrageous and thrilling story, also featuring his music! 


[2:05] Anand Bhatt tells us his story and how he got to be the first Indian-American to walk the Latin Grammy’s. 

[4:14] Where did the name “Latindian” come from? 

[5:27] Does Anand Bhatt write his music?

[6:23] How did Anand’s music transition to a TV show, Rock Star Recipes?

[12:06] Anand tells us about some of the dangerous experiences he’s been through. 

[15:32] Anand’s outrageous story, The Night That Dancing Saved My Life. 

[30:00] Where to find Anand’s music.


American food is bland! Anand was tired of putting hot sauce on his salad, so he began creating meals on the road that were healthy and much more flavorful.

A photoshoot with a gun doesn’t make you as tough as you might think! Ten minutes later, you may get robbed!

Dancing your heart out just might save your life! Anand tells his outrageous story of when he was in Columbia and visited an old cartel house.

Fiction Credits:
Short story told by: Anand Bhatt

Born and raised in Chicago, Anand Bhatt is the first Indian-American to walk the Latin Grammy Red Carpet and the pioneer of his signature musical sound called “Latindian Style.”

Aside from being a musical artist, Anand is also the host of the cooking show on Amazon, “Rock Star Recipes.”

You’ve seen Anand on the red carpet with Zoe Saldana, Usher, Queen Latifah, Romeo Santos, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Gerardo Ortiz, Jesse y Joy, and more. 

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