S2 EP 7 – Good-Bye Bob

Welcome to this week’s True Fiction Project Podcast. I have the privilege of speaking with Kevin Lowe as he tells us about his journey through finding out he had a brain tumor and how his life changed after surgery left him blind. He tells us about the impact that his tumor and blindness had not only on himself but also on those around him. Kevin has turned the unthinkable into an inspiring career where he shares his story at schools, on his podcast, and through life coaching. He is such a light in this world and has dedicated so much time to sharing his struggles and journey with others so they can see and feel that they are not alone. At the end of the episode, listen to Kevin’s story transform into a fiction short story titled “Good-Bye Bob,” written by Anjalika Sharma. 


[02:33] Kevin’s history with a brain tumor.

[9:06] What was Kevin’s reaction when he woke up from his surgery, and how did they find out he was blind?

[12:24] Did Kevin always have strong faith, or did it come after his surgery experience?

[15:24] How did Kevin’s mom take this experience? What did she do?

[18:25] What emotional struggles has Kevin run into during these past 18 years?

[20:36] What led Kevin to create his podcast – The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe?

[27:36] Short Story: Good-Bye Bob by Anjalika Sharma


Traumatic experiences like this affect the person in the center (who it is happening to), but it also impacts all those around them. Parents, siblings, family, friends, and doctors are also affected. 

You never know who you might impact by sharing your story. So many people are struggling, and many can relate to your story, and you can help them work through their situation. 

Live life to the fullest today, and let those around you know how much you love and care about them. Don’t take life for granted, as you never know what will happen. Enjoy the mundane moments of your life and make them magical. 

Fiction Credits:
Short story written and read by: Anjalika Sharma
Kevin Lowe believes everything in this life happens for a reason, and a good reason at that. And this is true, even after losing his ability to see. Fueled by a strong desire to ignite a sense of hope and optimism into the world, Kevin sets out to inspire others to not give up on life, even when it seems like life has given up on them.
At just 17 years old, Kevin was left completely blind. Ever since waking to find a world gone dark, Kevin has been inspiring and encouraging people of all walks of life by sharing his own story of rediscovering light, even in the midst of the dark. 
Today, Kevin continues to spread this same sense of inspiration and encouragement as a Life Coach and host of his podcast, The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe.

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