S2 EP 3 – “Ro’s Journey of Love”

I’m delighted to be speaking with fellow podcast host, Julia Karol, who is the creator of Stork’d, the podcast where she highlights the unique ways in which people come together and find family. The growth of the podcast has paralleled her own personal journey of discovering what family truly means, no matter what shape it takes. You’ll find inspiration as you hear Julia’s beautiful story about heartbreak, healing, love, and her decision to become a single mom in her 40s. Later in the episode, we hear “Ro’s Journey of Love,” a short story inspired by Julia’s journey, and written by Priya Sharma Shaikh.

[2:20] What is the meaning of traditional family and love

[3:27] The premise behind Julia’s podcast, Stork’d

[03:43] A traditional upbringing and choosing an untraditional path towards family

[07:33] Healing after a break up in her 30s and the decision to freeze her eggs

[14:06] A life changing trip to Peru and the next phase of family building

[17:50 Julia’s path down the fertility journey

[22:05] Short story: “Ro’s Journey of Love” by Priya Sharma Shaikh


Having a family and experiencing the love and joy it brings, no matter in which way or shape it comes, is more important than trying to conform to what a traditional family looks like.

Additional family building options like adoption, IUI, or egg freezing are becoming more culturally accepted and available through advances in science. However, even with these options, it is still a backup plan and you have to remember that no plan is perfect.

Stork’d podcast started from Julia’s interest in how people create amazing families in unique ways. It has grown as a space to help normalize the different paths that people can take to find love and family.

Fiction Credits: 
“Ro’s Journey of Love,” a short story written and read by Priya Sharma Shaikh

Voice Over by: Priya Sharma Shaikh
Contact Information: priyasharmashaikh@gmail.com
Twitter: @piyushaikh
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/priyasharmashaikh/recent-activity/posts/
Julia Karol is a mom, creative leader, warm friend, animal lover, and champion of alternative families.
When she is not hosting Stork’d, Julia runs a private investment firm which acquires, operates, and improves businesses at a crossroads. She loves supporting businesses to grow and evolve. Passionate about social change, Julia also supports a number of non-profit organizations.
Outside of work, Julia’s passions include hiking, skiing, yoga, and reading. She lives in Boston, MA, with her dog and infant son.

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