S2 EP 1 – The Price of Magic

In today’s episode, Barbara Majeski joins us to talk about how she improved her life and started chasing her dreams amidst life challenges. Barbara is a lifestyle expert and “Curator of the Good Life” where she helps others live life with purpose, style and adventure. We talk about her childhood, divorce, fight with colon cancer, and how she has come to be the person that she is today. Barbara has great tips and insights on pushing through mindset to conquer your purpose with the limited amount of time that we have on Earth. Later in the episode, we hear a fictional story by Gary Krivtsov about a girl who meets a fairy who can help her sick mother. 

[1:25] Introduction to Barbara Majeski – Living life with purpose, style, and adventure

[3:04] Does Barbara think we live life without purpose? Her story while battling cancer.

[7:10] How did her younger brother Steven give her purpose?

[11:20] What pushed her forward during her fight with colon cancer?

[14:30] How did she pick this lifestyle business and reinvent herself?

[20:30] For women who want to emulate the life of Barbara, how do they do that to achieve a dream that is similar to hers?

[28:51] Fiction Story: “The Price of Magic” by Gary Krivtsov


We only have one life, so figuring out our purpose makes life so much more powerful. Living through our purpose, style, and adventure is the way to approach life.

When you are ready to tackle something new in life, get information and learning from the experts, the people who have gone through it. Request first-hand reference, don’t take advice from people who are struggling with the thing you are wanting to learn about (money, business, health, etc.)

Change your mind, change your life, that’s Barbara’s jam. Having your mental game strong is the only way that you will see shifts in your life.

Fiction Credits: 
“The Price of Magic”

A short story written and narrated by: Gary Krivtsov
Barbara Majeski is dedicated to living life with purpose and approaching all aspects of living with confidence. After recovering from her divorce and Stage III cancer, the “Curator of the Good Life” was born. 
Barbara is a TV personality that loves sharing her tips and tricks. She has made frequent appearances on The TODAY Show, Good Day NY, New York Live and the Nick Cannon Show. Barbara is also a mother of three and resides in Princeton, New Jersey.
In 2015 Barbara simultaneously entered a divorce and was handed a diagnosis of Stage III cancer. While in the midst of treatment she vowed that if she beat cancer and got another shot at life, she would live bigger, better and bolder with true purpose, meaning and intent. 
Barbara has taken her life lessons and created the 14-Day Accountability plan that sets the groundwork for crushing lofty goals and teaches you consistency, and habits and rituals that will last a lifetime. 
Once you take that first step and begin creating real change, you will begin living your life. 
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