EP 13 – The Queen of Teacups

Today I’m speaking with the Queen of Teacups, Lissi Kaplan, about her journey to becoming an internationally recognized fine artist. Lissi’s hand-painted porcelains are in the collections of dignitaries, heads of state, and private collectors around the world. We talk about her unique calling to porcelain art following the passing of her mother. More than her skill with a brush, Lissi also has a beautiful gift of capturing the essence and spirit of a client through her artwork. Listen in as she explains the emotional process behind her art and hear a fictional story by Michael Colucci inspired by Lissi’s story.

[02:08] The Queen of Teacups, the big dream and the hummingbird

[09:41] Learning the artform and her first hotel collection

[15:35] Painting for dignitaries

[18:55] The emotional process behind her art 

[21:56] Would you do things differently if given the chance

[28:15] Fiction Story: The Queen of Teacups by Michael Colucci


The teacup has a rich history of being used as an offering and a sacred vessel. It was often given as a gift to be felt by others for generations. 

Porcelain painting is a very difficult art form because you’re painting on a slippery surface. Lissi describes porcelain artists as part mineralogist and part alchemist.

What makes Lissi’s teacups so unique is how she paints a signature essence of flowers based on who the client is and what she perceives and feels about them.

Fiction Credits: 
Fiction piece written by: Michael Colucci
Voice Over by: AmyScanlon
Contact Information: AmyScanlonVO@hotmail.com
Twitter: @scanners19
IG: @ScanlonSounds
Lissi Kaplan is a fine artist whose hand-painted porcelains are in the collections of dignitaries, heads of state, and private collectors around the world. Her watercolor paintings have been collected internationally. She also designs fabric and wallpaper. 
Lissi is a popular guest speaker on the subject of the unique history of China painting which dates back to 1400 A.D. Lissi also incorporates into her presentation the art of exploring and finding one’s passion at any age.
Lissi is the author and illustrator of The Power of a Teacup: A Story of Art, Love, and Sacred Gardens, published by ReganBooks in 2003. She is also the author and illustrator of her newly released book, Light as a Feather, published by Little Finch Press.
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