EP 11 – The Appointment

In this episode, I’m speaking with Jess Salomon, a New York based Canadian comedian who prior to her career in comedy was a war crimes lawyer. Jess speaks to the cathartic process of her work and how “tragedy plus time equals comedy.”
Jess shares about her relationship with wife, their comedy duo, and the unique perspective they bring with being Jewish and her wife being Muslim and Palestian. We also hear a comedy fiction story, written by Parker James, based on Jess’s prompt about an odd couple and their unique career choice.  
The Appointment Fiction Story

[02:05] Jess’s interesting background as a war crimes lawyer

[05:42] How humor can be cathartic and the desire to share that with others

[08:13] Jess shares about her and her wife’s comedic duo

[12:46] The story behind Jess and her wife meeting, their unique relationship and how they work together

[20:39] Comedy As Advocacy: From war crimes lawyer to comedian, Jess shares about her career change 

[26:08] Jess talks about her BBC show, Comedians Versus the News

[32:40] Fiction Story: Will, a therapist, and his husband, Marcus, vent about his latest counseling session with a seemingly deranged married couple 

[41:10] In the fiction story, Will and Marcus reveal their unique career choice as a couple


They say, “Tragedy plus time equals comedy.” When you get a bit of distance between tragedy, pain, or even annoyance and can see the humor in it, it can be very relatable and cathartic to share it with others and make people laugh. 

During a career change, there can be a period of time when you have lost touch of the skills used in your previous career but still lack skills for the new career you are pursuing. 

Comedy can be a form of advocacy. The hope is that by making people laugh, as a byproduct, you can also make them think. 

Jess and her wife co-host a comedy show that airs on BBC called Comedians Versus the News. The third season comes out in February. 

Jess Salomon is a New York based Canadian comedian, who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
Jess also performs as part of the beloved comedy duo, “The El-Salomon’s” with her wife Eman El-Husseini (@TheElSalomons). Their comedy special, “Marriage of Convenience” recorded at Just for Laughs, is available in Canada on Crave and elsewhere on Just for Laugh’s YouTube page.
Fun fact: before comedy Jess used to be a U.N. war crimes lawyer. The jury is still out on whether this was a good move.
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