EP 5 – Emergency Ukraine Crisis episode: A Plea from Yuriy

In this Ukraine special emergency episode, I’m speaking with Yuriy, a journalist on the ground in Kyiv who has taken up arms to fight for the freedom of his country. Yuriy recalls waking up to the early morning attacks in Kyiv and shares how this unwarranted conflict has affected his family and the civilians of Ukraine. He speaks to the heroic and sacrificial patriotism of his fellow Ukrainians. Yuriy’s main concern is to appeal to Western allies to take to the streets in an effort to help convince NATO to help Ukraine by establishing a no fly zone. Later in the episode, we hear two fictional stories that give us a glimpse into the sobering realities that the people of Ukraine are facing today.
A Plea from Yuriy – A Fictional Story in Print
Mornings in the Kyiv Metro – A Fictional Story in Print
Dearest Papa – A Fictional Story in Print

[01:59] Yuriy recalls the morning when the Russians first attacked Kyiv  

[05:36] Ukrainian neighbors become family as they fight for their freedom

[08:40] Yuriy shares about the location and safety of his family and pleads for Western allies to help stop the destruction of Ukraine

[14:00] Yuriy talks about his wartime duties, helping foreign journalists

[15:57] An appeal for a no fly zone to be issued for Ukraine and Yuriy’s concern for Ukrainians and all of the people of the free world 

[19:28] Fiction Story #1: Mornings in the Kyiv Metro was written and voiced by Parker James

[24:02] Fiction Story #2: Dearest Papa story was written by Anjalika Sharma and voiced by her daughter, Anika


Yuriy makes a strong plea for Ukrainian allies to do everything in their power to demand that NATO help establish a no fly zone and protect Ukrainian civilians. 

From Yuriy’s perspective, Russia’s attack is not a war against only Ukraine. If Russia’s agenda is not halted it may impact free people all over the world.

Free speech may be another casualty of the Russia Ukraine situation as President Vladimir Putin is taking extreme steps to control what the Russian public knows about the invasion of Ukraine. He has signed a law that imposes stiff sentences on journalists who air what he deems to be false information.

In “Mornings in the Kyiv Metro,” we see the loss, confusion, and hardship of Russia’s attacks through a child’s eyes. In “Dearest Papa,” a father and daughter are separated by the Ukrainian war with only memories and letters to comfort them.

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Visit Change.org to petition demanding NATO to install a no fly zone of Ukraine: https://www.change.org/p/no fly-zone-for-ukraine-now
A Plea from Yuriy – A Fictional Story in Print
Mornings in the Kyiv Metro – A Fictional Story in Print
Dearest Papa – A Fictional Story in Print

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