Ep 1 – 3 Innings

The True Fiction Project was born from Reenita Hora’s love of fiction and how she finds it in everyday non-fiction. In the pilot episode, Reenita talks about the purpose behind the True Fiction Project which will invite amazing guests to share their unique impact on the world while also giving different fiction writers the opportunity to create new fiction narratives based on the interview. Colleague and friend, Traci DeForge, joins the conversation as Reenita shares about her many career reincarnations and her traditional Indian upbringing in Bombay. Reenita opens up about her late father and her recent decision to quit her job to pursue creative endeavors like this podcast project. The second half of the podcast features a compelling fictional story inspired by key moments in Reenita’s life and her experience of being a woman and building a career in a male-dominated culture. 
3 Innings – A Fictional Story in Print

[01:16] True Fiction explained 

[02:33] Podcast producer introduced  

[03:28] Reenita shares about her life and career history 

[09:40] Guests to look forward to 

[12:24] Reenita about her family 

[18:04] Women in business in traditional Indian family 

[22:55] Building the narrative  

[28:14] That’s my version of the truth 

[30:53] First inning – Gaia and Reenita as children 

[35:12] Second inning – Gaia and Reenita’s early careers  

[40:53] Third inning – Gaia and Reenita’s losses and gains  


Reenita’s career has included several reincarnations of herself: Ayurveda clinician, freelance writing, broadcast journalism in Hong Kong, recruited as a writer by Bloomberg, and now author, podcast host, and creative content creator. 

She recently quit her job to pursue her creative projects, like this podcast, that marries the two things she loves: fiction and how she finds it in everyday non-fiction.  

Reenita shares about her father’s recent passing and the values he held as a serial entrepreneur.  

Reenita grew up in a traditional Indian home where women were not included in the inner workings of the family business. Only recently, after her father’s passing, has she been invited to sit on the board of the family business.  

Her role, if not to join the family business, was to document the stories of her father and family life and plans to turn them into a book or TV show. 

Looking back on her upbringing, she has learned now that it’s not about what you are or are not supposed to think about certain things, but rather what you have experienced. 

The purpose of this podcast is to share interviews with guests as a way to give other storytellers an opportunity to create fiction. 

Traci DeForge, founder of Produce Your Podcast, is recognized as an international podcast expert, sought after speaker and media contributor. She is the creator of PODHIVE.com, an online community providing education, encouragement and support for podcasters and her newest venture, My Podcast Biz .Traci is the host of the podcasts, Journey to There and Talking Finance and co-host of Ask Brien on KHTS AM 1220, Los Angeles, CA. She is the Executive Producer of The Personal Finance Podcast Network.She’s been featured on all three major networks along with CNN, CTV, Fortune.com and American Express Open. Traci is a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, a regular contributor to RadioINK and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Podcast Business Journal. 
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