INNER BEAUTY Discover Natural Beauty and Well-Being with the Traditions of Ayurveda (Hardcover)


Yoga, feng shui — the trends of today are founded in the traditions of the past. So, too, Inner Beauty, a ravishing introduction to a trendsetting lifestyle practice with tried and true results. Revealing the natural health and beauty that lies within, it is based, like Deepak Chopra’s work, on the 5,000-year-old Indian tradition of Ayurveda. Focusing on skin and hair care, yoga, detox, and eating well, Inner Beauty blends an inviting text with easy quizzes, informative charts, and lush photography and teaches that the way to a healthy glow is different for each of us, but easy to determine.

Author Reenita Malhotra Hora, a spa consultant who has been practicing Ayurveda all her life, demonstrates how to make its benefits work for you — whether it’s through customized yoga routines, specific relaxation techniques, diet, or massage and beauty treatments perfect for individual needs.

Combining all the expert advice, pampering, and inspirational guidance that the most luxurious spa retreat has to offer, Inner Beauty points the way to the health and beauty that comes from starting where it matters — inside.