Ayurveda: The Ancient Medicine of India


Ayurveda is an ancient, though rarely fully understood, healing system. It is thought to have been established as early as 5,000BCE, and by medieval times, practitioners had already developed a complex system of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures. Ancient Ayurvedic herbal medicine books had a wide range of different edible and topical remedies for different conditions. Today’s Ayurvedic medicine books take the core theory and powerful ingredients, putting them in a context that’s easy to incorporate into modern lives. With a variety of recipes and quick solutions, as well as guides to seeking out professional care, it’s simple to benefit from Ayurveda without having to give up on mainstream medicine.

In this comprehensive Ayurvedic medicine book, Reenita Malhotra Hora gives the reader the keys to understanding Ayurveda and its application to modern medicine, introducing the concepts of Nidana—an understanding of diagnostic measures undertaken by an Ayurvedic health care provider; Ahar—understanding that food is a primary source of preventative medicine; and Chikitsa— the Ayurvedic therapeutics available through self care or commercially. If you’re looking for Indian herbal medicine books which give thorough practical applications as well as theoretical understanding, you’ll love this title.

Appealing to the widely growing interest in Ayurveda beyond India, books by Reenita make it accessible and shows how applying it to modern life can enhance physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Ayurveda is part of the Mandala Wisdom Library.

Reenita Malhotra Hora is a respected Ayurvedic clinician and educator. She is the author of Inner Beauty: Discover Natural Beauty and Well-Being with the Tradition of Ayurveda. Explore other Indian herbal medicine books by Reenita on the main Books page, and order yours today.